Workflow Automation, Tracking, and Training System (WATTS)

Introducing BionicPM


What didn't they teach you in PM Workflow-101 class ?

The importance in visualizing your Property Management workflows. BionicPM(TM) visualizes your actual workflows for both enhancements and training of new personnel.


How can you manage more properties without adding more personnel?

Automation, if done right. BionicPM(TM) automate workflow steps that are logical and feasible to automate and track the rest. Besides increasing efficiency, this also gives you more control.


What prevents steps in your workflows from falling into the cracks?

Nothing. Unless you have a way to track each and every one of those steps. BionicPM(TM) with its Data Warehouse DNA tracks all workflow executions. It enables you to steer and control your PM operation with ease.